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Children’s Tap Lessons in London

Find tap dancing lessons for children in Greenwich, Blackheath, Dulwich & Eltham

Angelina Jandolo Dance school teaches tap classes for children in London, with weekly term-time lessons across venues in the South East of the city, including Greenwich, Blackheath and Eltham. Both beginner and intermediate children’s lessons are currently available to book.

Our tap teachers have all trained professionally in internationally-renowned dance schools and conservatoires, going on to perform at national and international levels. Your children will be welcome no matter how new they are to tap dancing, and will progress at a steady pace through IDTA-syllabus exams (although there is not obligation to take them – it’s up to you and your kids!)

Classes are built to help students progress, but are challenging too: both complete beginners and those with existing experience will learn and grow as tap dancers while learning to dance in a group while making new friends. If you think your child would enjoy tap, why not start with a single lesson and see how it goes?

Use the buttons underneath this text to find the timetables for children’s tap classes in Greenwich, Blackheath, Eltham & Dulwich. These classes include:

Preparatory tap (from 5 years old): A 15-minute add-on class taking place after primary ballet lessons in every one of our locations, this 15min class is the perfect little introduction to tap dancing.
Primary tap (from 6 years old): A 45-minute class in which students can deepen their understanding of the technique.
Grade 1: A 55-minute class for students moving up from the primary level, training in the IDTA syllabus.